‘Man, all I want is to eat a Mud Pie Mojo at the Cold Stone Creamery on North Marion Street. I’d give my other damn leg just to get back there.’

‘You’ll get there. Give it time.’

‘Easy for you to say.’

‘Never said it would be easy.’ Rachel felt the scar tissue and the strange contours as she massaged. ‘You got someone waiting there for you?’

‘Not anymore.’

‘I’ll make a deal with you. You do the physio, get yourself out of here, I’ll come to Chicago and we’ll share a Mud Pie Mojo together.’

‘Deal, Doc,’ he smiled.

Copyright J Hardy Carroll

Written as part of the Friday Fictioneers challenge hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields (more details HERE). The idea is to write a short story of 100 words based on the photo prompt (above).

To read stories of 100 words based on this week’s prompt, visit HERE.

98 responses to “MUD PIE MOJO”

    • Interesting thought, I honestly hadn’t thought beyond a carer who wanted to see her patient rehabilitated, but of course far stranger things have happened than a doctor-patient relationship becoming something more.

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  1. Nice that the doc wants to take the therapy to another level. Hate to say it, but Cold Stone ice cream really isn’t all that good. It’s all about the mixing stuff in and the show (doing the mixing). The first place I ever had mix in,, and with excellent ice cream, was Amy’s in Austin, Texas. Nice take on the pic.

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  2. Another great story, Iain with so many layers to it…just like the Mud Pie Mojo. Too often these days, we hear stories about doctors, nurses, teachers, the police etc making mistakes, and we don’t usually hear about the good things they do. A friend of mine has Motor Neurone Disease which is a beast of a disease. However, her doctor is the most incredible man. He and his wife have held fundraising dinner parties in their home. One night her breathing equipment went on the blink and she was in ICU and he was hunting down a replacement for her. I now all my doctors desperately want me to do well and get on top of things and I know they’ve got my back in ways that I can’t even put into words. There are many teachers and volunteers out there who help kids who really struggle with reading and it takes a lot of work for any progress, but they have such patience. There really is so much good in our world, and when we find it, we really ought to celebrate it and ring the brass bell.
    Best wishes,

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    • I agree Rowena, about time we really started focusing on the positive news a bit more, although it has been said time and time again and never seems to change. Thanks for reading.


  3. This was a lovely take, Iain.
    Like you, I didn’t so much feel there was a budding romance but a care-giver giving incentive to her patient…
    And whatever gives one the will to move forward is a good one!

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  4. Lovely tale! I always feel to really treat such patients, a doctor has to be sympathetic to their situation. He needs to emanate a positive vibe so as to make the patients feel at ease.

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  5. This reminded me of the fabulous therapists who came to my house when my 6 monthbold son was going through early intervention. His setback was losing motor and other skills he had gained before that time. My dad, too had a long recovery from a bad car accident. Health care providers can push us when we least want to budge. Liked the chemistry, even if platonic, between these two.

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  6. Quite a delectable name Mud Pie Mojo. Must be delicious. I liked the relationship between the two of them. Very friendly and kinda intimate too, maybe not in a romantic way, but it was beautiful.

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  7. I looked it up and the Mud Pie Mojo looks incredible, worth looking forward to. Living overseas, I often crave good ice cream. Your dialogue is always so realistic. I could feel his underlying sadness and her motivational spirit. She’s an inspirational therapist and carer. The world needs more of those. Great story, Iain! =)

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  8. Everyone needs something to help push them through the tough times. If that something is a Mud Pie Mojo from your favorite ice cream shop, so be it. Well written!

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