The Blurb: A Gulf War veteran haunted by his past and living on the street, is accused of a vicious crime. Although the evidence points in his direction, he claims to be innocent. Why does he refuse to aid in his own defense? Lieutenant Liz Jordan and Officer Kyle Connors want to believe him, but … Continue reading BOOK REVIEW – VETERAN by SUSANNE PERRY


Paris, 1829. Victor hastened along the snow-covered street.  A warm fireside awaited him. Soon he would be surrounded by dear Adèle and his children, no doubt excited by the late snowfall. 'Excusez-moi monsieur, a few francs for a veteran?' The beggar held out his hand. Victor drew back, revulsed at the sight of the disfigured … Continue reading HUGO


Ebb and flow, waving goodbye, waving hello. So the sea goes, ceaselessly. Old feet on fresh sand. The water no longer running red. Memories crashing inside his head like waves on the shore. Creaking knees bend, arthritic hands dig into the ground. One old tear trickles down weathered skin. He will never visit again. He … Continue reading THE LAST VETERAN