The tree had become a massive shrine of wishes, colourful material decorated every branch, weighing them down and causing them to bow towards the ground.

It had been a place of offered prayers and wishes before, but since the boys had become trapped in the cave, the wishing tree had become a focal point for all their pleas.

And their prayers and wishes had been answered. All the boys were safe, recovering in the hospital.

Deep down she knew her wishes were meaningless. There was no one there to answer them.

The boys were safe now not because of this show of spontaneous faith or good wishes, but because a team of men had risked their own lives, put everything on the line regardless of their own safety, used their incredible skill, knowledge and bravery. By sheer will and effort they had rescued the children from a certain death.

One of the rescuers had given his life in the rescue attempt. She placed a strip of blue on the branch. Her only wish was to have the chance to thank him, as she had the others, for bringing her son back to her.

A wish was all she had to offer, she had nothing more. But thanks to those heroes, she still had her boy.

Copyright Sue Vincent

This is a response to the Thursday Photo Prompt – Wishes curated over at Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo. Click on the link to read other stories inspired by the image.

Among all the vacuous politics and news that fills the world these days, occasionally a real life story comes along that really does inspire and reaffirm faith in humanity, such as the incredible rescue of 12 boys and their coach in Thailand this week. And the rescuers are humble enough to say they are not heroes. I beg to differ: they truly are.

33 responses to “ONE WISH”

  1. What a beautiful, poignant story…the photo reminds me of a local tree papered with wishes and prayers, they appeared mysteriously one day and were a joy to behold just like the real-life ending in Thailand!

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  2. Beautifully done as always.
    It is said that to be remembered means that you are never really gone.
    The grateful will keep that brave man with us for many years to come.
    Thanks for sharing.

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