Archie strolled back from the shop, newspaper under his arm. Another fine Mediterranean morning. In the campervan, Agnes was still in bed. Archie settled down in his seat to read the headlines. Iran had retaliated against America with missile fire. A commercial aeroplane had gone down. He turned the page. Bush fires in Australia. Not … Continue reading EXTENDED VACATION


'We've been here before,' she said. She didn't just meant the roundabout they were passing for the fifth time. They were hopelessly lost. He promised each time that he would change. This time she needed to take a new direction. She needed to get off this emotional merry-go-round for good. 'We've tried every exit,' she … Continue reading IN A ROUNDABOUT WAY

Author Interview with Iain Kelly on MY LAUGHABLY INANE BLOG

Here's a short, entertaining interview I gave to Nicholas Adams over on his blog - 'My Laughably Inane Blog', talking about my novels - the already published 'A Justified State', and 'State Of Denial' and the upcoming 'State Of War' to be released in 2020 - as well as writing, reading and other bits and … Continue reading Author Interview with Iain Kelly on MY LAUGHABLY INANE BLOG