Lockdown again.
Office closed, furlough scheme extended.
Legally I cannot do any work if I’ve been furloughed.
Stay home, stay safe.
Raining outside, and cold. Forget exercise.
The freezer is stocked up and more food is being delivered straight to my door.
Time for feet up, Netflix on, or maybe a good book.
Couple of indulgent snacks and maybe a glass of wine later.
This is utopia, 2020-style.

Until it gets to day ten and
I haven’t spoken to anyone and
The news says it’s only getting worse and
The furlough scheme ends and
Jobs are being laid off everywhere and
The shops are running out of stock and
Look, a new box set has just dropped on Netflix.
This is utopia, 2020-style.

Written for #FOWC, hosted by Fandango on his blog This, That and the Other. Today’s prompt word was: Utopia. Click on the link to read contributions from other writers.



11 responses to “A NEW KIND OF UTOPIA”

  1. We have to acknowledge utopia where we find it. 😉

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    1. Yep, have to make do for this year!

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  2. I really feel fortunate that for having been working from home for the last 19 years the whole “lockdown’ bit hasn’t really affected me. The only things I really miss are my concerts and live baseball. Hopefully we can resume that in some form next year. Keep praying for us!

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    1. I knew you would be missing the baseball! I have kept going to work throughout, so it hasn’t affected me too much. It’s more the weekends and having nowhere to take the kids!

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  3. I am a highly educated person, Iain, with two degrees, and frankly, these lockdowns are not making much sense to me. If it look at the loss of jobs and mental health impact, it just doesn’t balance on the scales.

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    1. It does seem to be a bit of a sledgehammer of a fix. Until a vaccine is found, it really seems the best way is a good track and trace system, which the UK has spectacularly failed to get working, and good common sense and hygiene, which again, the UK seems to have in short supply among a lot of people!

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      1. You are fortunate to have the furloughing. In SA there was no government assistance for most people during the lockdown. It has caused a lot of poverty here.

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  4. Hello, how’s your 2020 been since this post? I found you via Jellico’s blog, specifically the post about day 5 of NaNo. I’m working on a YA historical fiction for NaNo this year, myself – a bit behind though, due to contracting Covid! Ugh.

    Nice to find another writer, another blogger, and another WriMo! Good luck on your NaNo project!


  5. Melbourne endured 112 days of this type of utopia. I hope, for the sake of you and all Brits, that your lockdown is not the same length of time.

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    1. Hopefully just a month. If it extends over Christmas, there may well be riots!

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      1. Ours was originally 4 weeks too. I think rioting was pretty imminent here! Good luck 🤞

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