She wanted to be faithful. But she couldn't ignore the feelings rising inside her. Her senses heightening. That familiar yearning. She felt the moistness on her lips, her tongue gently lingering around her mouth. The anticipation of that new rush of excitement, the new smell, the sweet new taste, the forbidden textures. He had forgiven … Continue reading FLAMES OF DESIRE


Down in the valley where nobody should go, Franklin shuffled along in the gloom, making his way back home, dragging the body behind him. Pesky kid. Why had they come here? Still, more fuel for the living room fire and a handsome dinner tonight. No doubt someone would come looking, snooping around. He would have … Continue reading DOWN IN THE VALLEY


'Completely self-sufficient,' he boasted. 'The wind turns the mill and powers the dynamo at the back to produce electricity.' 'And the garden provides food?' 'Absolutely.' 'Won't they come and steal from your garden at night?' 'That's what I use the walkway for,' he pointed up at the platform that circled the windmill halfway up. 'Stand … Continue reading NIGHTSTALKERS


The Cup Runneth Over, the latest trendy art restaurant, had been open for two months. The wait to book a table was three months. Harold fought through the protesters. Their cries about the misuse of the scriptures for commercial gain had provided further publicity. Business was booming. He was shown to his table where Cleo … Continue reading THE CUP RUNNETH OVER RESTAURANT


Two eggs sunnyside up, greasy fries and plenty of ketchup. I'd cut out the red meat, doctor's orders. Thirty years I've been coming to Ed's Diner for lunch. The decor has stayed the same. Green leather seats, dirty orange ceiling, chipped fake marble counter. Ed has aged along with the building, looking out through the hatch … Continue reading ED’S DINER