The television crew followed them through the narrow hallway and into the small lounge. 'Welcome to my humble abode,' Maggie opened her arms with a winning smile. The camera caught the look of disgust on Lady Carrington's face as she surveyed the room. Ashtrays filled with cigarette stubs, used tissues and dirty plates littered every … Continue reading REALITY TV


Fred Casey looked over the Columbus Circle intersection at the Trump International Hotel. Shuffling his feet to generate some warmth against the autumnal chill, he finished his coffee before heading inside. As he walked through the entrance he saw Sam Jones running across the reception, almost colliding with unaware workers. 'What's happening?' he shouted. 'Another … Continue reading ANOTHER DAY AT CABLE NEWS NETWORK


Lights flashed, music blared. 'Julie is thirty-five, works in a shop and has a second job as a waitress. She doesn't have the time to meet Mr. Right. Will she find him tonight? Let's start The Tunnel of Love!' The audience bayed along. Lights dimmed, tension music. Julie took two tentative steps along the curved tunnel. Loud claxon, red lights. The … Continue reading THAT’S ENTERTAINMENT!