The Book Nook, Stewarton

Saturday 8th October was Bookshop Day 2022, and to celebrate I was delighted to go along to local independent bookshop The Book Nook in Stewarton to have a chat about ‘The Barra Boy’ and sign a few copies.

It was also the opening day for brand new premises for the Book Nook, moving into a bigger space that will allow a bigger selection of books on the shelves and the ability to host many more author events.

Congratulations to Sarah and the team on a fantastic, and busy, opening day, I was honoured to be a part of it, and I was delighted by the turnout for the event, with almost a full house to listen to me whittering on. Thankfully, they were a very friendly and kind audience and it was great to chat with them all!

And there was plenty to keep the kids amused while Dad was talking about his book…!

The Barra Boy is available now from The Book Nook in Stewarton and online. Find all the details HERE.


  1. A lovely event in a beautiful venue. Congrats, Iain. Loved Barra Boy! A great read and a worthy follow up from the State trilogy. Keep it up! You’re an encouragement to us all 😊

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  2. […] Last Saturday was Bookshop Day in the UK and I was thrilled to be at an author event at a local shop to celebrate, and delighted to see so many people turn up to see me chat about ‘The Barra Boy’ and sign copies. You can read more about it HERE. […]


  3. I think the kids had more fun than you!

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    1. The kids always have more fun! 🙂

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