Green for Go. The hustle and bustle. The crowded market. The anxiety. Tell yourself they've all been vaccinated. Tell yourself the numbers are small. Faces unmasked. Breathing. Germs. Raw meat. Sweating. Palpitations. Get out. An open street and space. Relax, everything is normal. The green signal flashes. Step out onto the road. The driver doesn't … Continue reading EASING RESTRICTIONS


Here he comes, full of bluster, just like his president. He wasn't ruining the holiday exactly, but every time that bellowing voice approached the pool area, the patrons visibly slumped. 'Mornin' y'all!' He hefted his great bulk onto a lounger. 'S'cuse me, boy! A little refreshment over here!' The pool boy reluctantly answered the beckoning … Continue reading THE BALLOON


Woozy. Sweat. Open eyes. Peeling paint, damp patches, broken ceiling fan. Movement next to me. Moist sheets. Another person. She moans. Dark hair, dark skin. Vague memories. A bar, drinking, her smiling face. Sit up, look round. Dilapidated. Head thumping. Air oppressive. Dry throat. Stagger to the window. Old, wooden frame. Open it. Humid air. … Continue reading FIELD HOSPITAL