Paris, 1829. Victor hastened along the snow-covered street.  A warm fireside awaited him. Soon he would be surrounded by dear Adèle and his children, no doubt excited by the late snowfall. 'Excusez-moi monsieur, a few francs for a veteran?' The beggar held out his hand. Victor drew back, revulsed at the sight of the disfigured … Continue reading HUGO


'What do you think, a cow?' Arthur poked the skull with his stick. 'Possibly, or a large hound.' 'Strange, sitting here in the middle of an empty moor. A deer I could understand. I wonder how it got here.' James puffed on his pipe. 'Well, let's have a closer look. The evidence is all there, … Continue reading THE HOUND ON THE MOOR


A STORY OF ELATION IN ECHTERNACH, LUXEMBOURG The violinist onstage, the world renowned Daniel Hope, took the applause. As it gradually died away he raised the instrument to his chin and an expectant hush descended. The opening notes of Brahms’ Violin sonata No. 1 in G major, op. 78 quietly soared from the sliding bow. … Continue reading E IS FOR ECHTERNACH, LUXEMBOURG