Sand walked through the hotel reception. The night porter saw him heading for the door. Sand was wearing the light windcheater jacket, the only one he had brought with him to Bergen. The night porter hurried after him with an umbrella. ‘Please, Sir,’ he offered it to Sand just as Sand pulled open the glass … Continue reading U IS FOR UMBRELLA


Sand sat at his desk. Three days had passed since the televised press conference. Dag Moen had disappeared. He hadn’t surfaced or shown himself, he hadn’t messaged or threatened. He had simply vanished. After the plea for the public’s help, the police had been inundated with reported sightings, leads and information. A special unit of … Continue reading R IS FOR RING


Sand emerged from the dark stairway into the bright sunlight outside the aquarium. It had taken them three hours to get to the park at Kristiansand after the discovery of the abandoned delivery lorry. It had taken another hour to convince the management to evacuate the park and get the tactical team in place. Then they … Continue reading P IS FOR PANDA