My life gathered round.

Eve, the passionate glowing flames, lightening the dark.

Martha and Olivia, flickering young embers floating playfully.

Mother and father, wisps of smoke dissipating.

The campfire warmth fades.

A life that burned brightly ends.

The cold shadow of night envelops.

Farewell, sweet Earth. I drift away.


Written for the Scottish Book Trust’s monthly 50-word Fiction competition. Write a story in 50 words or less based on a photo prompt – this month’s task was to write a story featuring a camp fire. More information HERE

8 responses to “THE DYING LIGHT”

  1. Thank you for following my blog. As a result I found your lovely fiction.
    And you’ve gathered it together for a self-published book — Much more energy than I have!
    This dying firelight writing is so evocative. Good work.

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  2. More poetic than your usual writing. I decided to write my own bit of fiction and enter it. I’m not particularly interesting in winning anything, I just like to write.

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    • Same here James, it’s another prompt and a different challenge in just the 50 words. I was at a bit of a loss so decided to try something a bit different. Not sure if it’s particularly good, but I enjoyed the change.


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