She wanted to be faithful. But she couldn't ignore the feelings rising inside her. Her senses heightening. That familiar yearning. She felt the moistness on her lips, her tongue gently lingering around her mouth. The anticipation of that new rush of excitement, the new smell, the sweet new taste, the forbidden textures. He had forgiven … Continue reading FLAMES OF DESIRE


The cannons sprayed water through the night sky onto the roof of the blazing building. A crowd of nearby residents gathered to watch. The old theatre, dwarfed by surrounding modern apartments, had lain empty for several years. It was preserved and protected for reasons of architectural heritage. Remarkably, the surrounding buildings were untouched by the … Continue reading THE PROPERTY DEVELOPER


My life gathered round. Eve, the passionate glowing flames, lightening the dark. Martha and Olivia, flickering young embers floating playfully. Mother and father, wisps of smoke dissipating. The campfire warmth fades. A life that burned brightly ends. The cold shadow of night envelops. Farewell, sweet Earth. I drift away. Written for the Scottish Book Trust’s monthly 50-word Fiction … Continue reading THE DYING LIGHT