I sat under the umbrella of the cafe, shaded from the strong Roman sun. Sipping from the cool ice drink I watched the people go by.

Excited, loud groups of school children ran across the ancient cobbles mixing with bus tours of the ponderous elderly. Teenagers by the fountains took selfies with their phones. Couples sat in each others arms, heads resting on shoulders, stealing the occasional kiss.

The midday bell rang from the tower. I looked to the door. It opened as it did everyday at the same time.

She strode out across the square. The crowds of people seemed to part in front of her. I marvelled at how effortlessly she glided on the uneven ground in her heels. The eyes were hidden behind chic sunglasses, her auburn hair fell from beneath the stylish wide-brimmed hat. Her hips swayed in the tight dress that stopped just below the knee exposing the tanned and toned calves.

I watched her walk from one end of the piazza to the other until she disappeared from view. The sights and sound of the world resumed. I left my money for the drink and ambled away.

Same time tomorrow.

Copyright Sally-Ann Hodgekiss

Written as part of Sunday Photo Fiction. Write a story of around 200 words based on the photo prompt given (above). Hosted by Al Forbes. For more details visit HERE.

To read more stories based on this week’s prompt, visit HERE.

26 responses to “LADY MADONNA”

  1. Very evocative Iain. I could feel the hot sun on my head, taste the cool drink and see the heads turning (even those of the ponderous elderly) as Sophia Loren (in her redhead stage) sashayed by. See you at noon tomorrow.

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  2. Excellent description on this one; I really feel like I’m back at one of those Italian piazzas, looking at a scene just like that, with the heat radiating off the stones, and all those sounds and smells… As for the lady, some dreams are worth getting up and out every day just to look at. I just hope this is an innocent, love-struck old man scenario, drinking up all the beauty of his city. And not, say, an assassin who’s tracking her every movement (in which case, I am going to hope that she is also a secret agent and knows about him and is luring him into a trap, take that!).

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      • What a relief! I think it is because I have been reading these various flash fiction challenges so long, and so many of them end up with horrible twists. It’s nice to read ones that have no sinister implications!


  3. I was going to say less of the [ponderous elderly] but then it seems that this narrator is elderly so in will let you off🙂

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  4. I was trying to remember who this reminded me of as I could see her in my mind, holding her hat delicately in the breeze. Then I saw the comment – Sophia Loren. Such a gorgeous woman, she could turn many heads in her heyday.

    A good story Iain.


  5. No doubt Sophia Loren could turn heads back then. Her beauty and height combined to make her stunning. I read the director of a movie once had to have the hero, a well-known male star, stand on a box so she wouldn’t be taller. Good writing, Iain. 🙂 — Suzanne

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  6. Title from the Beatles song right? I cant say I blame the guy she sounds beautiful, mysterious, alluring, and good entertainment for him. I wonder where she goes, why she is always exactly on time. There are more stories here. Nice one!

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