'Iacta ālea est.' The die is cast. The storm would follow. Marcisus trooped with his legion over the Rubicon river, following their leader who had gone before them. Within days they would be in Rome. Pompey would be forced to flee. Rome would be torn apart. Marcisus saw it all unfolding. He had hoped his … Continue reading THE COMING STORM


Titus Valerius looked out over the grey water of the Adriatic Sea. The view was as bleak as his prospects. It had been a year since he had seen Rome and his beloved Domitilla. When he had joined the army he had dreamed of travelling the world, amassing victories and returning home triumphant. With the … Continue reading PRELUDE TO BATTLE


'What now?' screamed Aetius. Another hail of arrows split open the sky, hurtling down on them. On command the surviving legionnaires raised their shields and fended off the onslaught. The screams and cries signalled more men lost. The wild gale battered them, the rain hammered them relentlessly. General Manius stared through the bleak grey storm … Continue reading THE LOST LEGION


I sat under the umbrella of the cafe, shaded from the strong Roman sun. Sipping from the cool ice drink I watched the people go by. Excited, loud groups of school children ran across the ancient cobbles mixing with bus tours of the ponderous elderly. Teenagers by the fountains took selfies with their phones. Couples sat … Continue reading LADY MADONNA