Always gazing up at the stars, that was Charlie’s problem, dreaming about particles, planets and the cosmos, absorbed in studying the gravitational pull of black holes and their theoretical evaporation.

Larry stamped his feet, shivering in the cold air, watching Charlie adjust the camera pointing up at the clear night sky. ‘Seriously, this is how you want to spend another Saturday night?’

As Larry spoke what had been Charlie’s fleeting interest in the undefinable and theoretical forces of the attraction between two human beings evaporated.

Charlie looked up at the stars, the universe and the science behind it all and she wondered.

Copyright Ted Strutz

Written as part of the Friday Fictioneers challenge hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields (more details HERE). The idea is to write a short story of 100 words based on the photo prompt (above).

To read stories of 100 words based on this week’s prompt, visit HERE.

A small piece to mark the passing of Stephen Hawking, who inspired, and will continue to inspire, so many.

88 responses to “FORCES OF ATTRACTION”

  1. wonderful in a tribute to Stephen Hawking…
    and fun way to spend a saturday night.
    Reminded me of when I knew I was really growing up – I did not have to party on the weekends anymore – ha

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  2. Such a lovely tribute. I heard about an exchange between Stephen Hawkin and someone else whose name I missed, where the other person said “If there is such a thing as a parallel universe, does that mean that in a parallel universe I might be more intelligent than you.” “Indeed you might,” said Hawkin, “and in yet another universe you might even be funny.” 🙂

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  3. Iain, this is a beautiful piece of writing. Like the others, I also loved: “As Larry spoke what had been Charlie’s fleeting interest in the undefinable and theoretical forces of the attraction between two human beings evaporated.” I feel a bit sorry for Charli because loving the stars, the planets and physics can’t replace the wonder of loving and being loved. Perhaps, they’re not a good match. I must admit I wouldn’t be impressed if someone was looking up into space all the time we were on a date instead of looking into my eyes.
    On a personal note, thank you for making this tribute to Stephen Hawking. A close friend of mine is in the late stages of Motor Neurone Disease and he has been a real encouragement to her and the community while I guess, there’s also that question about why he lived for so long? He was 76 which is a good innings for any male. I also noticed that he was born only 3 years before my parents and I haven’t accepted that they’re old yet. That was another wake up call.
    Hope you have a great week.
    Best wishes,

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    • Thank you Rowena. Charlie is still young, so perhaps she has still to meet the right one who will open up a whole new world for her here on Earth! I agree with you about Stephen Hawking. He will rightly be remembered for his scientific work but his incredible long life coping and thriving despite such a debilitating condition is perhaps his greatest achievement.

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  4. Nice one and with a science joke as a bonus. Totally true what they say about great minds (ahem). Looks like there will be more tributes to Stephen Hawkings for this prompt.

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  5. So sad to see Hawking’s passed, but he out-passed us all in age and genius.
    And so sad, Larry is firmly in the the Friend Zone. Just couldn’t compete…

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  6. You’ve captured the interaction between the two characters very well.
    Larry is never going to be right for Charlie. If he’s keen, he needs to put on his thermals, and his gloves, and his woolly hat and say something intelligent! And, Larry, buy Charlie ‘A brief history of time’ for her birthday.
    Nice work, Iain!

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  7. So good, Iain. Nice tribute to the late great Hawking and a nice little inside into the forces of attraction 😉
    I like that your Charlie is a girl.

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  8. I like the way you used gravitational and physical attraction. As for the two of them, I’m not sure if Larry should be more supportive or if Charlie should try doing something they Larry enjoys every once in a while!

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  9. Love it. Charlie is better off without him, Larry will never understand her. The third paragraph is so strong, ‘…Charlie’s fleeting interest in the undefinable and theoretical forces of the attraction between two human beings evaporated.’ – human relationships aren’t as easy to understand as some scientific theories

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  10. I immediately thought of Stephen Hawking in this piece, guess it was the reference to black holes. It is hard when you find you don’t have the connection you expected in someone you were so attracted to in the beginning.. Loved this, Iain. Well done!

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