The ruined building had only one window left intact. On it was a star. 'Your star.' 'What do you mean, Father?' 'The star of David. It belonged to a religion, long ago.' 'A religion?' 'Like a belief, a faith. People gathered to worship their God.' 'People believed Gods were real?' 'Before science had given us … Continue reading AFTER THE FALL


Mary was as surprised as her gawking neighbours when the string of black vans pulled up outside her house with a screech of tyres and flashing lights. Armed MI5 agents rushed across her perfectly manicured lawn and flowerbeds, surrounding the house. 'Come out now. Hands where we can see them!' Instinctively she raised her hands … Continue reading POTTERING IN THE GARAGE


'This is Mount Lemmon Observatory calling, is there anyone receiving?' Only static hiss replied. Marshall rubbed his sweat-stained forehead. 'Can anyone update us? What has happened?' The static noise stopped. Dead silence. Marshall maneuvered the telescope with the controls. He tilted it down to face the horizon. Outside he saw bare, dead trees and barren … Continue reading THE ENEMY WITHIN


Always gazing up at the stars, that was Charlie's problem, dreaming about particles, planets and the cosmos, absorbed in studying the gravitational pull of black holes and their theoretical evaporation. Larry stamped his feet, shivering in the cold air, watching Charlie adjust the camera pointing up at the clear night sky. 'Seriously, this is how you … Continue reading FORCES OF ATTRACTION