'It's over.' He tried to remain calm, speaking in an even and clear voice, no raised voices or dramatic gestures. 'Typical!' She yelled her reply, trying to elicit a reaction from him. This was the problem with their relationship - he was always so passionless, so clinical, so frigid. 'Just keep cool.' Over-the-top histrionics, letting … Continue reading DUMPED


'We'll always have Paris.' Yeah, right. Now look at those memories: faded, crumpled and tossed in the dumpster. She was just like all the rest of those broads, dames and dolls. As soon as she had stepped on that plane she had forgotten about me. Back to her old life, her passionless marriage of convenience. … Continue reading WE’LL ALWAYS HAVE PARIS


Lady Devonshire was not to be dissuaded, 'I hear he will be worth a fortune when he inherits.' 'Mama, don't be so vulgar,' Bethany admonished. Lady Worthington leaned forward and patted Bethany's knee. 'There are worse things than to marry for money, such as being a spinster with none.' Bethany sat in brooding silence. She … Continue reading MORNING TEA


Always gazing up at the stars, that was Charlie's problem, dreaming about particles, planets and the cosmos, absorbed in studying the gravitational pull of black holes and their theoretical evaporation. Larry stamped his feet, shivering in the cold air, watching Charlie adjust the camera pointing up at the clear night sky. 'Seriously, this is how you … Continue reading FORCES OF ATTRACTION