Dig the groove, the bass making the ground tremor.

It robs  me of my vital sense, obliterating the noises I need to guide me.

I don’t care, I’m along for the ride.

The crowd surrounds, a swaying mass that cocoons me.

I am lost in the music.


An offbeat rhythm disconcerts. A sudden surge pushes violently.

Panic sets in. Are the surrounding screams of terror?

I have no control, I am swept along.

I fall. Someone lands on top of me.

Then laughter.

Hands pull me up. Apologies all round.

A cheer as a new bass line kicks in.

I am lost in the music.

Copyright CE Ayr

Written for Friday Fictioneers hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields (more details HERE). The idea is to write a short story of 100 words based on the photo prompt (above).

To read stories of 100 words based on this week’s prompt, visit HERE.

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77 responses to “BLINDSIDED”

  1. You nailed the feelings, Iain. I’m a musician myself and I know that feeling big time. You can’t just “write” a story about this, it has to be poetic because — it just makes more sense to do so.

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  2. Iain, great story. It reminded me of the terrorist attacks in Paris and the explosions in the concert venue. I was at the Sydney Writer’s Festival and fortunately inbetween sessions when a robotic voice started bleating: “Evacuate! Evacuate!”
    I was naturally concerned, and tried to find out what was going on to inform my response. Should I be running for my life? Was there a fire? False alarm?
    Meanwhile, I can relate not only to losing myself in the sounds of music, but also the sounds of nature. Yesterday, I went for a bushwalk and I was listening to the rolling of the surf, birds, leaves and stones crunching under foot. It was transformative and very attractive atm.
    Best wishes,

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  3. Clever writing, Iain. It took me a second reading to realise that your MC was literally blind, even though you told us “It robs me of my vital sense, obliterating the noises I need to guide me.” And the title’s a bit of a clue, too! Great courage shown by your MC going to a concert like that.

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    • Thanks Penny, I fear I have been too subtle, but the story seems to work whether the reader catches the blindness or not, which in a way, is quite pleasing, as the disability is being overlooked!


  4. Oh yeah. I have been there. I’m listening to Gov’t Mule playing “Cinnamon Girl” right now, and yeah, if there’s typos in this note, It’s Gov’t Mule’s fault. Music truly can take you away.

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  5. Love this, especially as someone who is honestly terrified in large crowds. I feel like this is – among other things – a useful metaphor for how I’m going to feel going back to work when work (finally) re-opens. And there are people everywhere again. Deep breaths. =D

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  6. Excellent. A disconcerting enough experience for those not so afflicted, but it must be a nightmare for the blind. The story rose quickly to a crescendo and then faded just as quickly. Nicely paced.

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  7. Great choppy lines that convey the disconnected nature of the dance and the music and possibly drugs??
    Well written Iain.
    Throw ya hands up in the air, dance around like ya don’t care! Woooooo!

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  8. Am I wrong to think that the key is in the title? Blindsided. Is the character blind, enjoying the music and this throws his world off-balance because of all of the surrounding sensations and the volume of the music? Regardless, you’ve just done a fantastic job with the sensations building around your character. Well done is an understatement.

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  9. Music can just blow you away. And I love how you built the atmosphere and set the tone for a jolly good concert, Iain.

    Wonderfully told indeed.

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