Too old.

Her back was killing her. She straightened up and stretched.

This would be the last year.

Next summer she would need to get some help in, or let the garden grow wild.

Maybe that was the answer.

Time to give up trying to control everything.

Time to just go with whatever will be, will be.

Time to let things flower on their own.

Time to let go.

She walked slowly back to the shed, put everything away and shut the door.

Time to just let things be.

She admired her handiwork and smiled.

She felt light and free, like a child once again.

I’m taking part in the Three Things Challenge, hosted over on Pensitivity101’s blog. Each prompt has three words to incorporate into a piece of writing. This week’s words are: FLOWER, BACK and OLD. Follow the link to see what other writers came up with.



16 responses to “TIME”

  1. I really enjoyed reading your piece. It kind of reminded me of ourselves. Having to finally let go the controls. I related to this so much, and I feel you have put it so well. Thankyou for the Follow. I have returned it.

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    1. Thank you for the lovely comment 🙂

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      1. You are cery welcome 😊

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  2. Great post! There is such truth in it, at times we really do need to just let go and it can be so freeing!

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    1. Thank you – especially at the moment I think!


      1. Exactly!
        You are welcome!


  3. Nicely written Iain. Thanks for joining in today.

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  4. Wonderfully written, Iain. Very relatable. And there’s nothing more freeing than letting go.

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    1. Thanks Roberta, lovely to see you stopping by 🙂


      1. You’re welcome, Iain.

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