'Do you know the closest living relative of the dinosaur is?' Margarita sighed as little Nino stumbled through his favourite fact, delivered with glee every morning when they collected the eggs. 'No, what is it?' she played along. 'The chicken!' The boy laughed and started chasing after the group of hens in the yard, roaring … Continue reading ATTACK OF THE KILLER CHICKENS


Melinda trembled as she dialled the number. She bit her finger nails, holding the 'phone to her ear, praying she would answer. Out the window she watched Indigo and Lake running round the garden. They seemed so happy, but... The voicemail service answered. She swore and hung up, then re-dialled. 'Come on,' she muttered. This … Continue reading NATURAL BEHAVIOUR


Otto peered out onto another misty morning. Fine drops of dew decorated his web, glistening in the sunlight. Sounds of guests wakening echoed round the hotel. He heard scurrying. It was Slater. He was well-meaning, but a louse. 'Another attack last night. Cleo this time. Why do they do it?' 'It's in their nature.' 'They … Continue reading ROOM SERVICE