Impetuous Iain faced ignominy when, after several false starts, he rashly pinned his lips on Jolly Jennifer's mouth in the middle of the dance floor. The footfall of the crowd faded as onlookers backed away and waited for the bomb to explode, which it duly did. In retaliation, Jennifer delivered several slaps to Iain's head, … Continue reading CHRISTMAS PARTY


It's hard to describe what it is like to be a football supporter of the Scottish National team. Most of the time it is a painful experience. It's not that we're bad at football. We invented the game and played in the first ever international match against England. We've had some great teams and great … Continue reading THAT UNFAMILIAR FEELING


Her Mum helped her bake the pastries using the rhubarb they had grown in their garden. Each had their own neat tray - rhubarb crumble, rhubarb tarts, rhubarb and toffee cake. She set up the stall at the corner of her street, waiting to capitalise on the Friday, end-of-week rush hour footfall. 'Treat for the … Continue reading ILL-GOTTEN GAINS