Could you be this intimate with anyone else? Anyone apart from your lifelong best friend?

She had been with plenty of men, in relationships and one night stands. She had never felt anything like this. She looked over at her. She was staring back at her. They were thinking the same thing. It felt right.

How had they ended up here, lying in bed together? It had been an evening like any other, apart from the news. They watched the rioters storm the Capitol, engrossed in the drama as democracy struggled to survive. It was too much for her to bear. She was always too passionate about politics. It had been the same during the Black Lives Matter protests.

She comforted her, wiping away the tears, stroking her hair, holding her. Nothing that they hadn’t done for each other for the last twenty years as friends. But something felt different. She had thought about it before, they had talked about it before. Now they looked at each other and their eyes said the same thing.

That first hesitant kiss, their lips meeting softly, then pulling apart. Were they sure? Then another kiss, longer and lingering and her hands running through her hair and down her back and they were pressed together and she felt a hunger and a yearning.

They looked at each other now. They were still friends, but they were something more. You can’t be that intimate with someone and go back to being just friends. And she didn’t want to be just friends with her. She wanted so much more.

They returned to the real world slowly, lazily, lounging in their apartment. She put the news on. Four dead. The new President confirmed. Democracy was fighting back. It was a new dawn.

Written for #FOWC, hosted by Fandango Today’s prompt word was: Intimate.


14 responses to “INTIMATE”

  1. Hoping the new dawn brings peace!

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    1. Really hope it has reached the worst and this is now a turning point to better times.


  2. Lovely moment of solace and renewal to reflect off what has been an absolute shit show. ❤
    May yesterday's horror be the start of a whole new way of being for the US. 😦

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    1. I hope it can be used in a positive way to show everyone just how wrong and dangerous Trump and his followers are, and it is time for everyone to pursue a different path.

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  3. An interesting look at love dawning from a chance event. I wouldn’t have put the last line in though. Good piece, Iain.

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  4. Four dead? In Ohio? Now the song will be in my head. Thank God it wasn’t a repeat. Very evocative; the end of an era in one way or another.

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    1. Alas, not in Ohio, but in DC. Let’s hope it os the end of Trump and Trumpism at the very least.


  5. A beautifully written story of love and intimacy blossoming in chaotic times.

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    1. Tough to remember in these times that love and life go on.


  6. Lovely little story set in the backdrop of the most jaw-dropping, astonishing moment in recent history!

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    1. Wasn’t it crazy seeing those images?! Never thought I would see anything like it, but I guess it wasn’t a surprise in the end, it had all been leading to that. What next, I wonder?!

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      1. Unbelievable images. Couldn’t quite reconcile it as real life, not a movie. But while shocking, still unsurprising. Trump is like a spoiled toddler who’s had his toys taken off him. Way more dangerous though!

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