Frank, the Wonder Horse, loved his life. Riding across the plains, chasing the criminals, watching the sunset with the Old Sheriff by his side.

One evening, Frank found he he was sharing his barn with a strange new contraption. The next morning, he watched the Sheriff turning on the contraption and riding out the barn in it.

Frank was taken out to graze in the paddock everyday after that, while the Sheriff went off with his new companion. Frank missed the open plains, chasing criminals and watching the sunset.

Frank grew angry. One night, alone in the barn with his rival, he lashed out. A piece of the contraption shattered into pieces. Frank carried on until the thing lay in bits.

The Sheriff woke Frank the next day. He was angry. Frank saw the Sheriff reach for the piece of metal he carried by his side. The Sheriff pointed it at Frank. There was a bang.

Frank lay breathing his last. The Old Sheriff lay next to him sobbing.

That was how Frank, the Wonder Horse, learned of man’s love for machines.


Flash fiction story run by Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. Write a story based on the prompt photo (above). Learn more here: FFfAW


13 responses to “FRANK, THE WONDER HORSE”

  1. He killed Frank?! Because Frank destroyed the motorcycle or whatever. That was wrong of Frank, but to be killed… Xeidndfurnrgsolrlozsujfua!!!!! What a horrific, sad ending.

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    1. It’s a tough lesson for Frank to learn, I know! I have noticed as I write more that I seem to like a sad ending. Thanks for reading, Iain

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  2. Great story with such a horrific ending! Poor Frank, the Wonder Horse. At least the Sheriff was crying (hopefully, for the horse) at the end. Thank you so much for participating in the FFfAW Challenge! We hope you will continue!

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    1. Thanks. Enjoyed writing this and will be back for more. Enjoying reading what others have created too. Iain


      1. That’s wonderful, Lain!


  3. Well-written story! Very sad ending though. :-/

    By the way, my contribution also featured a horse and a gun ^_^

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    1. Thanks Sonny. Read your story, loved the open ending letting the reader imagine what happened next. Glad that your horse lives! Iain

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  4. So, sad. Fantastic story.

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  5. Poor Frank! Such a heartbreaking ending.

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  6. *sob* – Frank was murdered !!

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  7. I promise, I am not stalking you, just catching up on some posts I may have missed 🙂

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    1. Haha. That’s great, it’s always nice when someone takes the time to look back at older posts and they get re-discovered! 🙂

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