The following writings were discovered during renovation work on the keep of Castle Uamhas in the far Western Isles, off the coast of Scotland. It was written on parchment that had been preserved hidden within the stonework of the walls, which have withstood the intolerable climate of those wild islands for more than a thousand … Continue reading THE HERETIC


Dust blew over the barren landscape. Tumbleweed rolled through the desert and piled up on the side of the buildings. The buildings made up the main street, the only street, of Cody, Wyoming. Outside the saloon, Jensen swept the wooden decking. As soon as the brush removed a layer of sand, the wind blew a … Continue reading THE NEW FRONTIER


Frank, the Wonder Horse, loved his life. Riding across the plains, chasing the criminals, watching the sunset with the Old Sheriff by his side. One evening, Frank found he he was sharing his barn with a strange new contraption. The next morning, he watched the Sheriff turning on the contraption and riding out the barn … Continue reading FRANK, THE WONDER HORSE


Glasgow Film Theatre, 15.04.11 The people at Soda Pictures, the film distribution company responsible for this month's release of Kelly Reichardt's revisionist Western, Meek's Cutoff, know how to win me over.  Through the medium of Twitter they ran a competition to coincide with the release, offering followers the chance to win Reichardt's previous two films, Old Joy … Continue reading MEEK’S CUTOFF