Strange thoughts. Feelings. 737947. That is all she knows. Wake. Dress. Do your duty. Today, procreation duty. Eat the pills. Sleep. Repeat. Do good service. This isn't right. She remembers something more. Do your duty. Serve your masters. For the benefit of all. For the benefit of who? Who are their masters? Is anyone else … Continue reading THE CONCEPTION OF CONSCIOUSNESS


In the end, governments didn't need to ban religion. The numbers attending had dwindled away to almost nothing. It was their arrival that had sparked the crisis of faith. They had laughed at the world and their primitive beliefs. They had shown them the universe beyond the tiny galaxy their Earth inhabited. No God created … Continue reading SHUTTERED


I like to sit up here and watch the dawn. That first flicker, the unsteady fragile glint of sunlight peaking over the horizon. It means that a hundred and fifty million kilometres away, the searing ball of gas is still glowing, emanating warmth and light towards us. One day someone may sit in my place … Continue reading A GLIMMER IN THE DARKNESS


'This is Mount Lemmon Observatory calling, is there anyone receiving?' Only static hiss replied. Marshall rubbed his sweat-stained forehead. 'Can anyone update us? What has happened?' The static noise stopped. Dead silence. Marshall maneuvered the telescope with the controls. He tilted it down to face the horizon. Outside he saw bare, dead trees and barren … Continue reading THE ENEMY WITHIN


A STORY OF DÉTENTE IN DRESDEN, GERMANY Alan Smith stood among the locals of Dresden in the reconstructed Neumarkt, looking with the crowd towards the Frauenkirche with its wondrous dome topped by a golden cross gleaming in the dusk sky.  The dignitaries were filing into the building, German mainly but also religious leaders from far … Continue reading D IS FOR DRESDEN, GERMANY