He lumbered down the narrow staircase. Breath heavy, legs aching. His broad flanks brushed either side of the narrow, twisting spiral staircase. This was not why he had come to Belgium. Finally, he reached the bottom of the Belfort. Dolores and Brad were waiting patiently. 'Okay,' he managed a cheerful smile, wiping the sweat from … Continue reading PICTURE POSTCARD


The chestnut-coloured mare trotted across the field towards them. Sand and Gabi watched the powerful animal until it reached the fence and the rider dismounted. A stable hand met her and led the horse away. Brit Moen walked across the cobbled yard, removing her hat and gloves. Sand tried to match the sophisticated woman in … Continue reading H IS FOR HORSE


Frank, the Wonder Horse, loved his life. Riding across the plains, chasing the criminals, watching the sunset with the Old Sheriff by his side. One evening, Frank found he he was sharing his barn with a strange new contraption. The next morning, he watched the Sheriff turning on the contraption and riding out the barn … Continue reading FRANK, THE WONDER HORSE