Last week had gone so well. Seeing all the regular faces, some on grainy webcams, some in the synagogue. It felt good to preach again. Now, the loudspeaker wouldn't switch on, he'd forgotten the login for his Zoom account and the wi-fi kept dropping out. 'I think I've found your problem.' Ben got up from … Continue reading A FEW TECHNOLOGICAL ISSUES


The man arrived in reception and shouted his name. 'Guy?' He stood up and walked towards him, 'Hello.' 'This way, we haven't got much time.' Odd, he thought, his interview for a BBC accountant job wasn't for another twenty minutes. They hurried along corridors. 'It'll be Karen interviewing you. Just give her the answers and … Continue reading THE WRONG GUY


Strange thoughts. Feelings. 737947. That is all she knows. Wake. Dress. Do your duty. Today, procreation duty. Eat the pills. Sleep. Repeat. Do good service. This isn't right. She remembers something more. Do your duty. Serve your masters. For the benefit of all. For the benefit of who? Who are their masters? Is anyone else … Continue reading THE CONCEPTION OF CONSCIOUSNESS