‘Sammy,’ he shouted now, more desperate. Other parents stared, two or three came over to him, looking concerned, willing to help.

He tried to explain to them, his words were shrill and panicked, ‘He was right here, right here, at the slide, I had his hand, and then I turned for a second and he had disappeared.’ He broke off and yelled again, ‘Sammy!’

He turned one way then the next as they questioned him: what colour of top did he have on? was he wearing a jacket? how tall was he? what age was he?

His world swam before his eyes. The park was so busy. It was a mild spring day, the first since the cold winter had faded away. It was a school holiday.

How long now? Five minutes, ten? Someone suggested he should call the police. He fumbled with his smartphone. Through sweat and tears he managed to dial and report his son missing. The operator took his details. Before he could finish the ‘phone was taken from his hand. He tried to grab it back.

A woman was leading him away, talking to him calmly. Through the haze and fear he caught her words.

‘It’s been three years, Robert, you can’t keep coming here and doing this over and over again. You have to let go. Let’s get you back to the house.’

Written for The Daily Post – Disappear prompt: write a new post to the one-word prompt. Click on the link to learn more about the challenge.

43 responses to “THE DAILY POST: DISAPPEAR”

  1. How sad! I went through a brief minute like that years ago with my first. She had walked a short distance from me and I lost her in a crowd. Fortunately she was actually very close by but the panic I felt at that moment was terrible.

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  2. Ooooh so horrible and good at the same time. I thought perhaps they would find the child under the slide. You know a happy ending. LOL!
    This one caught me off guard but it was a good twist, moved the heart. Can’t imagine the pain of those parents out there!

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  3. Oh hell. That is so distressing. Robert’s desperation were so clear and palpable; the fear and need to do something. And then the calm, the deflating explanation. One that gave me goose bumps.

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