'Years since anyone has lived here.' The cobwebs and thick carpet of dust, moss and dirt reinforced Daisy's words. Wind blew in through broken windows, daylight entered where once the roof had blocked its path. Outside the crumbling walls the thundering sound of the surf crashing against the foot of the cliffs resounded. 'They found … Continue reading SPECTRAL MISTS


'Delayed indefinitely' was the phrase the captain had used, offering no further information. Outside the aeroplane, rain continued to pour but the weather wasn't bad enough to ground flights. Peering through her window she saw the airport personnel circling them. No one seemed to approach the aircraft. It had been an hour now. Her mind … Continue reading PARANOIA


'Sammy,' he shouted now, more desperate. Other parents stared, two or three came over to him, looking concerned, willing to help. He tried to explain to them, his words were shrill and panicked, 'He was right here, right here, at the slide, I had his hand, and then I turned for a second and he … Continue reading THE DAILY POST: DISAPPEAR


A STORY OF YOUTH IN YPRES, BELGIUM Matthias rested his head on his arm, leaning against the cool stone. He felt woozy, too much alcohol in the club. Worth it though, a great gig to round of Ieperfest. He had travelled from Munich for the festival, one of the biggest hardcore punk gatherings in Europe. … Continue reading Y IS FOR YPRES, BELGIUM