'Where is he?' Rupert was becoming hysterical. 'I told you, he's probably just hiding in the pirate ship, maybe he's found some treasure.' Hurry up Marc, she pleaded. She could tell when Rupert was about to have one of his anxiety attacks, one of the many results of his Asperger's. Until now the fish had … Continue reading THERE’S ALWAYS A BIGGER FISH


'Sammy,' he shouted now, more desperate. Other parents stared, two or three came over to him, looking concerned, willing to help. He tried to explain to them, his words were shrill and panicked, 'He was right here, right here, at the slide, I had his hand, and then I turned for a second and he … Continue reading THE DAILY POST: DISAPPEAR


Focus. Clear your mind. Think of nothing else but the next hundred metres. Block everything out beyond the borders of your lane. Tunnel vision - the start line to the finish line and nothing else. Remember your training: concentration; balance; commitment. 'On your marks.' You step forward, steady yourself, one last look into the crowd … Continue reading TUNNEL VISION