'Where is he?' Rupert was becoming hysterical. 'I told you, he's probably just hiding in the pirate ship, maybe he's found some treasure.' Hurry up Marc, she pleaded. She could tell when Rupert was about to have one of his anxiety attacks, one of the many results of his Asperger's. Until now the fish had … Continue reading THERE’S ALWAYS A BIGGER FISH


'Years since anyone has lived here.' The cobwebs and thick carpet of dust, moss and dirt reinforced Daisy's words. Wind blew in through broken windows, daylight entered where once the roof had blocked its path. Outside the crumbling walls the thundering sound of the surf crashing against the foot of the cliffs resounded. 'They found … Continue reading SPECTRAL MISTS


Melinda trembled as she dialled the number. She bit her finger nails, holding the 'phone to her ear, praying she would answer. Out the window she watched Indigo and Lake running round the garden. They seemed so happy, but... The voicemail service answered. She swore and hung up, then re-dialled. 'Come on,' she muttered. This … Continue reading NATURAL BEHAVIOUR