‘Do you have a preference?’

‘About what?’


‘Huh?’ Arthur turned from the game on the television and looked at her.

‘That got your attention. Christmas dinner, turkey or duck?’

Arthur turned back to the game. ‘Whatever.’

‘Fine.’ It would be nice if he took an interest, but she didn’t need him to. Her weekly appointments with Jessica were all the interest she needed. Maybe one day she would tell him, see if that distracted him from the bloody television.

Her phone beeped. She read the message. ‘Just popping out. Going to visit Jessica for a massage.’

‘Thought you got a massage yesterday? Can you bring me a fresh one?’ He waved an empty beer bottle vaguely in the air.

‘Sure thing.’ She left him a cold one on the table next to him. ‘Enjoy the game.’

Would he notice if she didn’t come back at all? Now that was a tempting thought.

Written for #FOWC, hosted by Fandango on his blog This, That and the Other. Today’s prompt word was: Preference. Click on the link to read contributions from other writers.


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