This was war. Storm the capital. Tear down the barricades. Release the hounds of hell. This was his crucible. He would destroy them. Save the country and his people. He was armed and dangerous and ready.

He waited for the signal. The signal to war.

The message blipped up onscreen: DeathDestroyer23452 has signed in.

‘Yo, Marcus. You there?’

He had never met DeathDestroyer23452, apart from in the game online. Sounded like he was a teenager.

‘Hey, Norman. Ready to unleash hell?’

‘Guns Up!’ Their own private salute.

Another afternoon drifted away as they killed and mutilated the invading zombie army.

Written for the Weekend Writing Prompt, hosted by SammiScribbles. This week’s prompt was: Crucible. Click on the link to read more stories by other writers.


11 thoughts on “MODERN WARFARE

    1. I’m not convinced of a direct link between playing these games and taking it further, but I can’t see how it makes the situation better, and I’ve never seen the attraction in the first place – it seems an odd way to spend your time to me!

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      1. In most people, fantasy remains in the game-realm, and does not spill over into RL. But in the too-young, whose brains are still developing, and in the vulnerable, whose brains aren’t wired correctly and especially in those already dosing low on the empathy scale, these can cross over to fantasizing about and then carrying over some of the violence into reality. So, caution and moderation are good, and awareness to the impact on those who are more vulnerable to crossing the line, is paramount in my view. But, yeah, never saw the ‘pull’ of inflicting violence, not even in a game.

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    1. True, as did I. Although I would like to think that playing with a cap gun you were at least outdoors, interacting with other people (even if it was pretending to shoot them!), getting fresh air and socialising. It wasn’t great, but it had more going for it than isolation and violent war games.

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