‘Come with us, Sir. We need to get you to the fallout bunker right away.’

They grab him by the elbows and steer him down a grey corridor, moving fast.

‘The fallout bunker? Has there been a nuclear attack?’

‘Not that fallout bunker, Sir. The political fallout bunker.’

‘Why? What have I done now? Not the pandemic, I’m on top of that now.’

‘No, Sir. Some comments on social media, I’m afraid. Twenty years ago. Just been dug up by a blogger somewhere.’

‘Twenty years ago? I can’t even remember what I said twenty days ago.’

‘Don’t worry about it, Sir. That’s what the political fallout bunker is for. We’ll get you in there safe and sound and let you out when it’s all blown over.’

‘Will I be able to carry out my duties in there?’

‘Don’t worry about that either, Sir. We’ll take care of running everything in the mean time.’

‘Now, wait a min…’

The door to the political fallout shelter slams shut and the automatic lock bangs closed.

Linking with Fandango’s One Word Challenge. Today’s word was: Fallout.


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