‘Always was a wayward child, that one.’

‘This is a little something more than wayward.’

‘I remember him growing up around here. Always in trouble, stealing sweets, ringing doorbells.’

‘I’m not sure that childhood pranks would lead to this.’

‘You gotta stop ’em when their young. Learn ’em early to respect people.’

‘I wonder how his mum is coping.’

‘Like he cares. Hasn’t been back to see her since he got famous.’

The headline stares back: ‘GUILTY’.

Written for the Weekend Writing Prompt, hosted by SammiScribbles. This week’s prompt was: Wayward. Click on the link to read more stories by other writers.

If you’re interested in finding out more about my ‘State Trilogy’ novels, I blogged about them all month through April as part of the A-Z Challenge, and you can find all the posts so far HERE.

21 responses to “LOCAL HERO”

  1. I liked that! It’s always after the fact anyone mentions how “odd” one was. I wonder how many just want to give an interview and have something to say? “Wayward” is a nice word, we don’t hear it in use much anymore.
    Unfortunately, it makes me think of the current news about a “celebrity” arrested. I wonder if, that “if,” his parents hadn’t swept his youthful troubles under the rug things would be the same. Probably, they say you can’t rehabilitate for some things. More than “wayward” and pranks, for sure.

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    • For sure, after the fact it’s strange how everyone suddenly decides they sort of knew or could tell something wasn’t right… Current news was the inspiration. Thanks Lisa


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