'Always was a wayward child, that one.' 'This is a little something more than wayward.' 'I remember him growing up around here. Always in trouble, stealing sweets, ringing doorbells.' 'I'm not sure that childhood pranks would lead to this.' 'You gotta stop 'em when their young. Learn 'em early to respect people.' 'I wonder how … Continue reading LOCAL HERO


'Tick-tock, tick-tock,' went the clock. 'Time's up! Time's up!' cried the People. 'No more! No more!' chanted the Poor. Save me! Save me!' weeped the Earth. 'Me Too! Me Too!' screamed the Victims. Louder and louder the voices grew. Higher and higher the echos reached. Some of the Powerful fell on the sword of justice. … Continue reading TICK-TOCK


'It doesn't even need a scarecrow, it's a wild flower border!' He stormed out the door, to be confronted by the ridiculous face grinning at him, atop patterned dress and handbag. He was all for equality, he was all for ending gender stereotyping, he was right behind the #metoo movement. But her latest statement was … Continue reading UNCIVIL RIGHTS