'Always was a wayward child, that one.' 'This is a little something more than wayward.' 'I remember him growing up around here. Always in trouble, stealing sweets, ringing doorbells.' 'I'm not sure that childhood pranks would lead to this.' 'You gotta stop 'em when their young. Learn 'em early to respect people.' 'I wonder how … Continue reading LOCAL HERO


'HÄAGEN-DAZS KILLER STRIKES AGAIN!' screamed the headline, as did executive Peter Jenkins. It was a PR disaster. That was three. Each bloodied corpse left with a half-eaten tub of Häagen-Dazs next to it. The latest theory: the killer was following people who bought Häagen-Dazs, killing them, then eating the ice-cream. 'What flavour this time?' his … Continue reading OTHER BRANDS ARE AVAILABLE


Frost covered the grass and branches. Well-layered joggers trotted past at various paces. She wrapped her arms around herself, the thick coat and gloves failing to halt the chill. Mothers pushed buggies, couples walked hand-in-hand, dog-walkers pulled leads or were dragged by them, tourists swarmed. She didn't know what to expect; she hadn't formed a … Continue reading THE SOURCE


Max stared at the wall. He threw the chewed paperclip into the plastic cup and picked up a fresh one. 'How many is that?' Darcy asked from across the cubicle divide. 'Ten.' Max answered, putting the new paperclip between his teeth. 'You're not functioning well today.' 'A-ha!' Max shouted and spat out the paperclip. Leaning … Continue reading DYSFUNCTIONAL