'Always was a wayward child, that one.' 'This is a little something more than wayward.' 'I remember him growing up around here. Always in trouble, stealing sweets, ringing doorbells.' 'I'm not sure that childhood pranks would lead to this.' 'You gotta stop 'em when their young. Learn 'em early to respect people.' 'I wonder how … Continue reading LOCAL HERO


'What's it to be today, Sir?' 'Options?' 'Well, we have the usual of course: immigration outrage, racial injustice, free school meals for the poorest children...' 'Stop, stop, stop. Are you mad? All of those can be linked back to me. What else?' 'Ah, you want something a bit juicier, more conspiracy theory. How about the … Continue reading THE MINISTRY OF DISTRACTION


She was box office. She was advertising revenue, hits online, gossip column gold. The more turbulent her private life, the more she was worth. Sex scandal followed drug rehab, relationship turmoil ran concurrent to family fall-outs. All of it was box office. Imagine then what they will make of this. Conspiracy theories will abound. The … Continue reading BOX OFFICE


Gustav sat on his foldout chair, staring at the carved tree trunk. The gathered crowd waited for his next movement. The Monterey Wood Carving Festival had finished two weeks ago. The other sculptures had since been removed. Gustav had become a local celebrity. He would leave when he was sure it was finished. He picked up … Continue reading PERFECTION


She checked behind her. The dilapidated shack stood there. She looked back at the mirror. The shack was reflected in it. The mirror seemed to work as a mirror should. She bent down and peered into, her breath clouded the smooth surface, but still the mirror did not show her reflection. She pinched herself, poked … Continue reading NEMESIS AND THE BEAUTY QUEEN