Gorodskoy Park in the sunshine. Not the most beautiful park. More concrete than greenery, but well-maintained. A series of paths connected by roundabouts. Along the wider walkways, freshly painted green benches, shaded by overhanging wispy branches. So what was I doing in this nondescript park in the middle of Minsk? Well, that is a longer … Continue reading GORODSKOY PARK


'We've checked everywhere, Sam, it ain't here,' said Ruth. I dropped the sledgehammer. 'Alright Gutman, where is it?' 'I told you. Ask Cairo. He knows, not me.' 'Cairo's dead. So's Archer. You're responsible. Now cough up the statue.' 'Poor Mr. Spade. You're nothing but a clueless gumshoe.' 'The Falcon, where is it?' I aimed the … Continue reading HERE’S LOOKIN’ AT YOU, KID