Elevating elevators lifting the righteous rich towards Heaven. Glittering gold and shimmering sheen. Momentous money mountains. Malevolent me, here to enact vicious vengeance. They can't / won't / must not get away with it. Litigious lawyers run rings round rigged rulings. Judges adjudicate in favour of backhand bribes. The little man misses out. The little … Continue reading RIGHTEOUS REVOLUTION


I don't mean to interfere, but people tell me that I do. Frequently. It's just a habit, I guess. Sometimes it's just taking an interest or offering advice or offering an opinion. Other times I interfere more directly. Like when I saw that guy shouting abuse at his girlfriend in the street. Or when that … Continue reading CONSTRUCTIVE INTERFERENCE


Palm trees and bright lights and smiling people. The glamour. The glitz. The full Hollywood razzmatazz. Over-turned cars and burning fires and desperate people. The injustice. The violence. The full social unrest. Cameras clicking and flashbulbs sparking and the crowd cheers. The gowns. The radiant idols. The elite on show. Cameras clicking and flashbulbs sparking … Continue reading A TALE OF TWO WORLDS


Hands in her pockets, Elizabeth looked down from the top of the cliffs. The tide had receded gradually over the afternoon, revealing the seaweed-covered rocks, sand and pebbles of the seabed. The memory of the place was burned into her mind after ten years of constantly returning. The erosion of the waves hadn't changed the … Continue reading TIDAL WAVES


He felt broken. Battered. Alone. No one believed him. There was no body. But there was a criminal. Out there. A murderer. He was sure of it. Someone had to deliver justice. Him. Written as part of #MicroMondays, hosted by Varad over at Loose End Of The Thread. For more information and to join in … Continue reading BUT THERE WAS A CRIMINAL