Elevating elevators lifting the righteous rich towards Heaven. Glittering gold and shimmering sheen. Momentous money mountains. Malevolent me, here to enact vicious vengeance. They can't / won't / must not get away with it. Litigious lawyers run rings round rigged rulings. Judges adjudicate in favour of backhand bribes. The little man misses out. The little … Continue reading RIGHTEOUS REVOLUTION


The television crew followed them through the narrow hallway and into the small lounge. 'Welcome to my humble abode,' Maggie opened her arms with a winning smile. The camera caught the look of disgust on Lady Carrington's face as she surveyed the room. Ashtrays filled with cigarette stubs, used tissues and dirty plates littered every … Continue reading REALITY TV


The Cup Runneth Over, the latest trendy art restaurant, had been open for two months. The wait to book a table was three months. Harold fought through the protesters. Their cries about the misuse of the scriptures for commercial gain had provided further publicity. Business was booming. He was shown to his table where Cleo … Continue reading THE CUP RUNNETH OVER RESTAURANT