Cineworld Glasgow, 15.03.11 The economic downturn and it's affect on corporate America are explored in this film from John Wells. Let me begin by saying The Company Men is a good film.  Written and directed by John Wells, more known for his TV work like ER and The West Wing, he brings similar intelligence and well-constructed drama … Continue reading THE COMPANY MEN


Odeon East Kilbride, 14.03.11 Still raining most of the time, perfect weather for cinema.  An afternoon trip to the local Odeon to see Battle: Los Angeles.  Almost got the screen to myself again, but was joined by 2 other men on their own with nothing better to do on a wet Monday afternoon. Set in … Continue reading BATTLE: LOS ANGELES


Odeon East Kilbride, 11.03.11 A wander through sleet and snow conditions to the local multiplex on a Friday afternoon to take in Doug Liman's latest Fair Game, starring Naomi Watts and Sean Penn.  Based on the true life unmasking of CIA agent Valerie Plame (Watts) in the US press by the US government, as they tried … Continue reading FAIR GAME