Shūkichi and Tomi waved to their son and daughter as they got into the taxi 'A pleasant visit,' Tomi said to her husband when they were on the train back to Onomichi in the countryside. 'They are both doing well in their careers.' ‘Hai,’ Shūkichi nodded. 'And such a lovely apartment they live in. So high up.' … Continue reading TOKYO STORY

BAD BRUCE WILLIS: The Forgivable Sins of LOOPER

Rian Johnson's Looper is a good film, with touches of brilliance, but equally with a central dubious morality and the plot weaknesses inherent in any film that uses time travel as a central plot structure. The way that these central problems are addressed by Johnson, and how they interact with one another are essential to … Continue reading BAD BRUCE WILLIS: The Forgivable Sins of LOOPER