It's  been a while since I did any drawing, or posted any on my blog. This rainy weekend it was time for my roughly bi-annual attempt. I tell myself I should make more time for drawing and do it regularly, but it never lasts - maybe this time!Anyway, here is an attempt at copying Sean … Continue reading JAMES BOND – SEAN CONNERY MOVIE ART

BAD BRUCE WILLIS: The Forgivable Sins of LOOPER

Rian Johnson's Looper is a good film, with touches of brilliance, but equally with a central dubious morality and the plot weaknesses inherent in any film that uses time travel as a central plot structure. The way that these central problems are addressed by Johnson, and how they interact with one another are essential to … Continue reading BAD BRUCE WILLIS: The Forgivable Sins of LOOPER


A film review with a bit of a difference: a letter, reprinted below, published in the British Film Institute's Sight & Sound magazine (November 2012 edition, edited slightly by the journal).  I wrote them in response to a largely positive review from Thirza Wakefield, of Disney Pixar's Brave. Whither Pixar? It's not so much the … Continue reading BRAVE