**contains terms which may offend** The Bruce raised his sword high, the driving rain battering against the silver blade, washing away the English blood. The dark clouds that had been the menacing back drop to the battle suddenly parted. Glorious sun shone over the tired and battered survivors. This was his moment. He could think … Continue reading SCOTTISH KINGS


'Tick-tock, tick-tock,' went the clock. 'Time's up! Time's up!' cried the People. 'No more! No more!' chanted the Poor. Save me! Save me!' weeped the Earth. 'Me Too! Me Too!' screamed the Victims. Louder and louder the voices grew. Higher and higher the echos reached. Some of the Powerful fell on the sword of justice. … Continue reading TICK-TOCK


The television crew followed them through the narrow hallway and into the small lounge. 'Welcome to my humble abode,' Maggie opened her arms with a winning smile. The camera caught the look of disgust on Lady Carrington's face as she surveyed the room. Ashtrays filled with cigarette stubs, used tissues and dirty plates littered every … Continue reading REALITY TV


A STORY OF A XENOPHILE IN XANTHI, GREECE Colourful ticker-tape blew all around as the parade made its way through the streets of Xanthi. Locals and tourists lined the route, cheering, waving and dancing along to the loud mix of music. Bright, garish and traditional costumes were everywhere. The atmosphere was intoxicating, and this was … Continue reading X IS FOR XANTHI, GREECE