It's  been a while since I did any drawing, or posted any on my blog. This rainy weekend it was time for my roughly bi-annual attempt. I tell myself I should make more time for drawing and do it regularly, but it never lasts - maybe this time!Anyway, here is an attempt at copying Sean … Continue reading JAMES BOND – SEAN CONNERY MOVIE ART


Rodney asked him to watch his pretzel cart while he took a break. It was another humid night. Larry sat on the wall and rested his weary feet. He looked up at the statue with the Rockefeller building behind it. A huge white face with white hands covering the eyes. Ain't that the truth, Larry … Continue reading CERTAIN UNALIENABLE RIGHTS


Gustav sat on his foldout chair, staring at the carved tree trunk. The gathered crowd waited for his next movement. The Monterey Wood Carving Festival had finished two weeks ago. The other sculptures had since been removed. Gustav had become a local celebrity. He would leave when he was sure it was finished. He picked up … Continue reading PERFECTION