'Authentic Beach Barbecue' the leaflet had assured them. Archie had his doubts. The nearest beach was at least thirty miles away for a start. Just another anomaly in the zoo that combined as an amusement park. Two pasty-looking teenagers wheeled out trays covered in tinfoil and started unwrapping the precooked food. Agnes perched herself on … Continue reading A VERY BRITISH DAY OUT


Lights flashed, music blared. 'Julie is thirty-five, works in a shop and has a second job as a waitress. She doesn't have the time to meet Mr. Right. Will she find him tonight? Let's start The Tunnel of Love!' The audience bayed along. Lights dimmed, tension music. Julie took two tentative steps along the curved tunnel. Loud claxon, red lights. The … Continue reading THAT’S ENTERTAINMENT!

BAD BRUCE WILLIS: The Forgivable Sins of LOOPER

Rian Johnson's Looper is a good film, with touches of brilliance, but equally with a central dubious morality and the plot weaknesses inherent in any film that uses time travel as a central plot structure. The way that these central problems are addressed by Johnson, and how they interact with one another are essential to … Continue reading BAD BRUCE WILLIS: The Forgivable Sins of LOOPER