And now the light at the end of the avenue calls, the journey almost complete.

At one end, back that way, new seeds are growing, young saplings stretching from the earth to which I must return.

Once young myself, I have walked the avenue of my life until the end.

There have been mistakes along the way, regrets, storms weathered and broken branches healed.

Each year growing taller and wiser, each year taking its toll. Every winter shedding the dead parts of me, each spring rejuvenated, ready to learn and experience and play.

Those young seeds I have sown grow stronger behind me, I leave them in good health and with my imparted knowledge.

Memories of it all flood over me. There is so much joy, so much laughter, so much I shall miss.

But each year the strength to carry on lessens, the effort to stay standing grows too great. The weather bends and bows me.

I am tired, and my time here is over. With one last effort I push through to the light and leave with a smile and a fond farewell, leaving the field for those that walk along the avenue of life in my footsteps.

Fare thee well.

Copyright Sue Vincent

This is a response to the Thursday Photo Prompt – Avenue curated over at Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo. Click on the link to read other stories inspired by the image.

33 responses to “AVENUE OF PEACE”

  1. A beautiful piece. A memoir in a few short sentences. I loved the imagery. It remineded me if the Greek Elysian Fields in the end. I love your blog theme by the way. It’s very classy,

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