'We've been here before,' she said. She didn't just meant the roundabout they were passing for the fifth time. They were hopelessly lost. He promised each time that he would change. This time she needed to take a new direction. She needed to get off this emotional merry-go-round for good. 'We've tried every exit,' she … Continue reading IN A ROUNDABOUT WAY


The castle was his fortress, protecting him from the dangers that surrounded him. Water around three sides made attack impossible, and the narrow drawbridge that joined it to the mainland was impregnable. No one had been able to storm these solid defences for years. But inside the castle there existed a powerful enemy, one that … Continue reading THE ENEMY WITHIN


She thought the first time would have been an epiphany, a glimpse at paradise. Instead, here she was underneath the overpass, among squalid dirt and mud. The climactic moment had come with a rush of adrenaline, but it was over too quickly. Her breathing returned to normal, she fixed her rucked top and smoothed her … Continue reading HER FIRST TIME